Are you the next Ben & Jerry's?

Ben & Jerry’s (with help from our friends at Ashoka) are on the hunt for some bright sparks in the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland & the Netherlands, who are creating cool new models for sustainable business to help make a difference in communities. (We all live on the same planet, so it’s only fair that we help each other out, right?)

Check out the prizes on offer (Oh yes, the good stuff...)

Just ask yourself these questions...

  • Is there long-term demand for your product or service? (If so, great! Your idea demonstrates strong financial sustainability!)
  • Will your model leave society better off for the next generation? (It does? Hurrah! Your idea demonstrates a positive social impact).
  • Does your business idea ensure the local and global environment is looked after, so today’s and tomorrow’s children can all enjoy the beauty of the planet...? (If yes, fantastic! I’m picking up an ‘environmental awareness’ vibe from your idea, and I like it!)
  • Is your approach substantially different from similar initiatives in your field? (If so, superb! This is the knock out test for innovation!)

18 bright sparks will be invited to London for the 11-12th of June to pitch their sustainable business ideas to our panel of expert Judges, including our co-founder Jerry Greenfield, when the 9 winners will be announced! Out in Vermont, the winners will be immersed in the world of Ben & Jerry’s, where it aaaall started back in 1978.


Introducing our brand new Cores!

A Soft Salted Caramel Core Surrounded by Chocolate & Vanilla Ice Creams with Chocolate & Blondie Brownie Chunks.

Ever hear the age-old question, ‘which came first, the chicken or the egg?’ Well, for a while now, the big question over at Ben & Jerry’s HQ has been ‘which came first, the blondie or the brownie?’ Turns out, it doesn’t really matter, especially if we make a flavour with both in there …& we did.

A Soft Caramel Core Surrounded by Chocolate & Caramel Ice Creams with Chocolatey Chunks.

It’s time to lose yourself in the sensuously sweet caramel core of Karamel Sutra and swim through its waves of caramel & chocolate ice creams. It’s like digging for treasure & striking gold with every spoonful! (Looks like we’ve just given spooning a whole new meaning!) Join our core. All you need is a spoon!

A Raspberry Jam Core Surrounded by Peanut Butter & Vanilla Ice Creams with Chocolatey Covered Peanut Butter Cups.

Well, if this isn’t a cause – ahem, I mean ‘Cores’ for celebration, then we don’t know what is! We’ve finally brought peanut butter to a freezer near you with the latest addition to our Cores family, Peanut Butter Me Up!